Horry County Historical Society
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The HCHS was organized in 1966. Its mission is: to discover and encourage the preservation of all written records and oral traditions touching on or pertaining to the history of Horry County, South Carolina; to aid and encourage individuals and associations in compiling and publishing historical material pertaining to Horry County; to encourage the preservation and restoration of historic buildings and sites in Horry County.

Dues for annual membership and subscription to The Independent Republic Quarterly are payable January 1st of each year.  Please address your membership questions to HCHS Secretary.

To join, please fill out the following form then print this page and mail it along with your check to:

Horry County Historical Society
606 Main Street
Conway, SC 29526

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If you check your e-mail regularly and prefer to receive meeting notices and other announcements via e-mail, please mark the following box so that we can save postage by not sending you those items through the postal service.  

Individual (membership, subscription to the IRQ) $30.00
Family (membership, subscription to the IRQ) $50.00
Patron (membership, IRQ, and donation to futher the work of the Society) $100.00
Champion (membership, IRQ, and donation to futher the work of the Society) $250.00
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