A Brief History Of Lakeside Cemetery

Lakeside Cemetery, in Conway, South Carolina, is located on Lakewood Avenue on a bluff overlooking Kingston Lake Swamp.  It was originally the Burroughs family burial ground, being located on property owned by F. G. Burroughs.  George Burroughs and John Benjamin Mayo, infant cousins, are believed to have been the first interred there in 1869. Theirs are the oldest tombstones which are legible.  Several graves are now unmarked and there were at one time at least two wooden markers which were weathered past any inscriptions which they might have once had.

In 1903 Hal L. Buck was Intendant (mayor) of Conway. According to the minutes for November 9 of that year, "Intendant reported he had seen Mrs. Addie Burroughs as to the Cemetery and she is willing to donate to the town 6 acres, and make conveyance to town for same as soon as same can be surveyed, provided town pay for rearranging fences and opening street to cemetery. Intendant instructed to take deed on terms named and that Mr. F. A. Burroughs (Addie Burroughs' son) be requested to have fencing done and render bill to town".

The arrangements were completed and on June 13, 1904, an ordinance was passed making it the only place within the corporate limits in which bodies could be interred. The ordinance referred to it as the ''new cemetery for white persons'' and records show that separate negotiations were going on for a burial ground for the black population of the town (Rose Hill Cemetery).  The adoption of this ordinance effectively closed the churchyards of Conway to future burials, though some few exceptions have occurred within family plots.

The southern end of Lakeside Cemetery was the original family cemetery.  Beginning in 1904, lots were created throughout the donated 6 acres and sold off by the City of Conway.  In 19?? Annabelle Holbert Burroughs donated additional property to the cemetery (immediately on the right as you enter the main gate).

Six graves previously listed have been moved to Hillcrest Cemetery on the Socastee Highway (Hwy. 544):

1. Bourne, John Edgar  1903-1968
2. Cartrette, Gertrude Norris  1896-1965  (Wife of John Osby Cartrette)
3. Dunn, Ovid Rochelle  1918-1940  (Son of S. G. & Sadie Oliver Dunn)
4. Dunn, Sumpter G.  1883-1935  (Son of J. W. & Josephine Patrick Dunn)
5. Moore, Lawrence Edward  1908-1943

Benjamin Franklin Singleton, 1877-1953, has been moved to the Singleton family cemetery on Highway 544, adjacent to Gravely Gullly.