Horry County, South Carolina

Petit Jurors for the Parish of Prince George, 1778

The Petit Jurors List provides an early list of local residents. However, this list of names includes men who lived in All Saints Parish as well as in Prince Georges Parish. There are no comments on the list to differentiate who lived where. These two parishes included an area later subdivided into five counties: Dillon, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Marion. Since, the orginal list has varying parts in alphabetical and mixed order that suggest it was compiled from separate lists, comments have been added to help identify the original location of men on these separate lists, and to see how names relate to the new county divisions.

Notes on the annotation:

Line-item notations have been added that refer to names found in the 1790 census. However, twelve years is half a generation, and a lot can happen in that time. Especially in this twelve years for it was the time of the American Revolution. These references do not mean that these were the same men.
* -similar name in Prince George Parish 1790 Census
+ -similar name in All Saints Parish 1790 Census

Petit Jurors for the Parish of Prince George

Alexander Anderson
John Allston
George Brown
Anthony Bonneau
Thomas Ballow
Lewis Bochette *
Stephen Brown
Richard Books
Robert Brown
Joseph Brown
John Cogdell *
William Cuttino *
Childermas Croft *
William Poole Coachman
George Croft
Benjamin Elliott Junior
Eliza Foissin?
George Ford
Stephen Ford Junior
Stephen Ford Senr *
Joseph Grier
John Grier
James Grier *
Samuel Grier *
Robert Gibson
William Godfrey
Thomas Hendlen (of Georgtown)
Thomas Henning
Mark Huggins
Thomas Hasell *
Robert Heriot
William Heriot *
George Heriot
George Joor
William Luptan
Paul Lepear
Peter Lesesne
Thomas Mitchell
John Postell *
Benjamin Porter
John Rogers
James Robertson
Job Rothmakler *
Samuel Smith (Georgetown)
William Stitt
Samuel Wragg
Joseph Wragg *
Thomas Wilson
John Withers
John Stewart
Macaijah Williams
Anthony Martin White
Paul Trapier Senior *
Paul Trapier Junior
Willam Smart
Randolph Theus
Christopher Taylor *
Benjamin Tucker
Daniel Tucker *
William Vaux

Georgetown County, along the Santee

Thomas Smith
John Dunnam *
Joseph Henning
Alexander Buchanan
Archibald McDowall
James Bell
Peter Horry *
John Buchanan
Hugh Horry *
Daniel Lesesne [see St. Thomas]
Alexander McGregor
John Shrine
William Benson
John Woodberry
Peter Belin
Charles Gee
James Gordon [see St. Thomas]
Thomas Labruce
Thomas Butler

Horry County, along the coast; starts at south end and goes to Little River at NC Stateline.

Perceval Pawley, Senr
James Coachman
Anthony Pawley
William Allston Junior +
William Allston (son of Joseph)
John Morral +
Samuel Clegg
Percival Pawley Junior
Joseph Labruce
John Magill +
Francis Allston
David Graham
William Waties
James Elks
Benjamin Young
Edward Mitchell
John Green
Benjamin Trapier
Rhoddom Rawlins
Jonah Clark
William Verreen
William Henry Lewis
Thomas Harris
John Allston Junior +
William Spears
Michael Bellune
Thomas Frink +see Ruth
Jabesh Frink +see Ruth
Nathaniel Dwight +see Rebecca
Samuel Frink +see Ruth
John Bellamy *
Jonah Woodberry *
Alexander Wilson
Henry Durant *
George Durant +
Dennis Hankins
Thomas Bell
Alexander Dunn +
Daniel Morral +see John
Samuel Price +
John Pyatt *
Thomas Starrat
Samuel Dwight +see Rebecca
Charles Gause
Richard Lingeton
John Baxter
Samuel Brown +
John Wilson

Marion County

John Dozier *
William Allston Senr +
Joshua Avant *
Lewis Boatwright [see Cheraw District]
Abraham Buckholts *
William Britton
Henry Britton
James Cassels
Henry Davis Junior *
Benjamin Davis *
Henry Davis Senr
William Dawsey *
Ebenezer Dunnam Senr
Ebenezer Dunnum Junior *
Charles Fledger *see Elizabeth Fladger
Joseph Greaves *
Abraham Giles
Francis Goodard
James Garrell *
William Hambleton
James Johnston (Catfish)
Thomas Jenkins
James Johnston (Baker)


William Bellune *
William Davis
Benjamin Davis *
John Smith Senr
Nathan Evans *
James Ford Junior *
Luke Whitefield
Malachi Murphy [see Cheraw District]

Horry County, northwest corner

William Bathy *see John Baty
George Graham
John Graham Senr *
Gilbert Johnston *
Isaac Ludlam *see Luldly
James Johnston (Little Pee Dee) *
William Moore
William Middleton *
Martyn Middleton *see Martha
Benjamin Port
John Rae *
Anthony Sweet *
Thomas Snow

Horry County, Kingston Township?

Christopher Brown
Thomas Burnham
Jesse Ballard
Anthony Crook
Jacobus Collio
John Day +
Thomas Dias
Samuel Elliott Junior
David Flowers
George Fleeson
John Gregg
John Goff *see Hannah
Epaphras Nott *see Samuel
Thomas Newhall
John Packrow
Joshua Pearson
William Porter (Prince Geo)
Wililam Robertson
William Roberts
Alexander Rioch
John Rains
William Shackleford
Thomas Seabrook +
Henry Salkes
William Stewart
Stephen Tomplate
Simeon Theus
Thomas Wilson Junior
Wilson Wilson

Horry County

Alexander Shene
Mark Huggins Junior *
William Wood
William Shrine
Peter Rambert
John Graham +
Richard Burrows
John Jones
William McCullough
Thomas Martin Sanders
Peter Rambert Junior
Joseph Cook + or *
John Lee *
John Rambert
Abraham Schad
Stephen Clyatt
Ricahrd Mansfield
John Henry
Samuel Hasford *
Robert Bell
Clemard Greggs
Bernard Shlagal
Horation Moore
Jeremiah Vareen +
James Bell Junior
Jacob Stanaland
James Smith
Joseph Allston +
John Self
John Singleton *
Robert McCrackin
John Templatt
Moses Roberts
Adam Muckleduff *see David
Jacob Moore
William Jordan *
Adam Jordan *
Charles Bond
Abraham Bond
James Row
Thomas Muckleduff *see David
George Smith
Richard Green
Daniel Woodberry +see Margaret
Thomas Durant +
Joseph Williamson
Constantine Newton *
Stephen Peak
Jacob Anderson
William Knox
John Stephens
Mathew Brinson Senr *
John Sessions +
Samuel Hairgrove Junior
Samuel Cox *
Nicholas Prince *
John Cox *
Thomas Livingston
SAmuel Hairgrove Senr
Darby Paddon
Samuel Latimore
William Parker
Thomas Todd +
Solomon Sessions +
Thomas Blunt +see Jesse

Marion/Dillon County

Jonathan Avant *
William Baker *
John Bradley *
Peter Buckholts *
Edward Bird *
Jesse Boatwright
Joseph Britton *
John Bellune *see William
James Barron *
William Bearfeet
Samuel Cox *
John Crofts *see Childermas
Francis Davis *
Abraham Dew *
James Davis *
Fowler Dawsey
Joseph Foxworth *see others
Job Foxworth *
Thomas Grice *see Margaret and others
Thomas Ganey *see Joh, Stephen
James Godbolt *
John Greaves *
Benjamin Garrel *
David Herring *see David Herron
John Holder *
William Jones
Joseph Jenkins *
William Keen *see others
Zerobabel Litman
Michael Mizon *see Catherine Mixon
Isaac Muray
Luke Prior *see David

Marion/Dillon County

Andrew Berry *
Gideon Parish
Henry Flowers *
John Powers
John Godbold *see others
Joseph Hur
John Smith Junior
Thomas Godbolt *
Elisha Tilghman
Benjamin Harrelson *
Charles Pate *
Charles Moody *
John Cribb *
James Alford
Sames Smith
Joshua Barfield *see Barefield
John Hollon *see Holden
Moses Martin *
William Kirby *see Richard Kerby
Edward Howlen
Edward Owens *
Michael Going
Henry Clark (Prince George)
Harrison Lucas
James Crawford *
Walter Owens *see others
William Whitefield
William Stackhouse *
Othniel Tryweak
Exekiel Highet
George Sweeten

Dillon/Marion County

Moses Mannon *
Frans Mixon *see Catherine
Daniel McQuin *
James Munnerling *see Munnerlyn
John May *see Daniel Maye
William Mixon *see Catherine
David Owens *
Joshua Perkins [see Cheraw District]
John Phillips [see Cheraw District]
John Rogers *
Samuel Tindall *see John
Conner Timmons
John Wood *
John Walley
William Williams *
Richard Woodberry *

Horry County?

John Graham Junior +
Joseph Graham *
Joseph Duet +see Joseph Dewelt
Jacob Fryer +see others
Richard Rigell
William Anderson +
Thomas Magnus

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