Horry County Marriage Records
Prior to 1911

These marriages were indexed from 1940-1960. Many had to have at least one witness or a notarized statement attesting to the marriage. Many were indexed upon the death of a spouse. There are some entered that were married after 1911, even into the 1930's and 40's. Some of them were established by the Probate Court upon the death of spouse. If there is no age, marriage day, or place of residence listed, it is because it was not listed on the marriage license in the Probate Court for Horry County.


  1. Alford, Joe (W)(21, Galivants Ferry) to Dannie Capps (W)(17, Galivants Ferry) 11/22/1910
  2. Anderson, G. D. (W)(Conway) to Catherine Gore (W)(Pireway) 02/22/1904
  3. Anderson, Grover C. (W)(18, Allen) to Mary Nevada Jones (W)(22, Allen) 11/17/1904
  4. Anderson, Owen (W)(21, Conway) to Maud Chestnut (W)(17, Conway) 01/09/1910
  5. Avant, Homer Gause (W)(25, Cerro Gordo) to Mary McLelland (W)(15, Cerro Gordo) 09/26/1909
  6. Barnhill, Gaston M. (W)(27, Green Sea) to Frances E. Buffkin (W)(23, Green Sea) 05/15/1904
  7. Bellamy, James Rollin (N)(18, Horry County) to Mary McCray (N)(17, Horry County) 06/21/1935
  8. Benford, William (N) to Izzie Owens (N) ( Established by Court Order) 11/06/1930
  9. Beverly, Melonie (W)(22, Loris) to Martha Lee (W)(21, Loris) 05/27/1915
  10. Blanton, Claudius M. (W)(20, Horry County) to Sallie M. Rowell (W)(19, Horry County) 01/12/1910
  11. Blanton, Herbert Edgar (W)(Nichols) to Mary Elizabeth Thompson (W)(Conway) 02/07/1901
  12. Blanton, Jonathan (W)(23, Nichols) to Donie Strickland (W) (19, Nichols) 12/12/1909
  13. Bowen, Daniel J. (W)(35, Whiteville) to Vanner Smith (W)(18, Whiteville) 02/17/1931
  14. Bradley, Luke (N)(21, Green Sea) to Laura Graham (W)(24, Green Sea) 07/13/1917
  15. Bratcher, James David (W)(25, Conway) to Trizzie McDowell (W)(17, Conway) 06/11/1911
  16. Brown, Joseph Aaron (W)(Shingletree, NC) to Minnie Lee Stephens (W)(17, Little River) 11/16/1908
  17. Campbell, Lex (N)(Horry County) to Ella Bell Davis (N)(Horry County) 09/--/1910
  18. Clover, William Henry (W)(25, Wilmington) to Hopie Elizabeth B. Clover (W)(15, Wilmington)1/28/1909
  19. Collins, Jonah E. (W)(30, Myrtle Beach) to Idell Singleton (W)(17, Myrtle Beach) 04/15/1914
  20. Connor, J. H. (W)(Columbus County) to Lula Hammond (W)(Columbus County) 03/06/1901
  21. Cribb, Henry Boyd (W)(Mullins) to Frances Elizabeth Grainger (W)(Waccamaw) 07/11/1906
  22. Dailey, Tillman Jones (W)(28, Irmo) to Rachel Edith Martin (W)(23, Loris) 02/09/1911
  23. Daniel, Joe (N)(21, East Arcada) to Bell Bullock (N)(14, Fair Bluff) 03/04/1911
  24. Dickerson, Richard (N)(27, Conway) to Flora Oliver (N)(15, Bucksport) 01/08/1909
  25. Duncan, John G. (W)(21, Green Sea) to Fannie Garrell (W)(22, Clarendon, NC) 02/07/1907
  26. Dutton, Luther Thomas (W)(24, Regan) to Gaddy Doson Smith (W)(16, Old Dock) 08/15/1909
  27. Eaddy, James (N)(19, Horry County) to Emma Charmichael (N)(17, Horry County) 06/24/1909
  28. Faulk, George Wood (N)(23, Toddsville) to Charity Floyd (N)(18, Toddsville) 12/24/1904
  29. Fowler, Jiley D. (W)(Green Sea) to Maggie Hodge (W)(Green Sea) 09/--/1920
  30. Fowler, Sylvester (W)(20, Columbus Cnty) to Eppie Norris (W)(21, Columbus Cnty) 12/30/1906
  31. Frazier, Oliver Milton (W)(31, Union) to Laura Elizabeth Willard (W)(18, Union) 05/05/1901
  32. Frinks, Tillman Frank (N)(22, Longs) to Elizabeth Gause (N)(21, Longs) 04/04/1932
  33. Gatling, William Lawrence (W) to Mary Bertha Arwood Ellis (W) 11/30/1907
  34. Gerald, G. Levi (W)(24, Loris) to Stella Faulk (W)(20, Loris) 01/02/1908
  35. Graham, Luther I.(Loris) to Minnie Todd (Loris) 12/25/1941
  36. Green, N. M. (W)(21,Cerro Gordo) to Nancy Catherine Blackwell (W)(16, Cerro Gordo) 11/07/1886
  37. Green, Troy (W)(18, Chadburn) to Nettie Floyd (W)(12, Orum) 12/06/1908
  38. Hardee, John W. (W)(21, Loris) to Lillie Mae Todd (W)(20, Conway) 12/24/1910
  39. Hardee, Marvin (N)(Pireway) to Josephine Perkins (N)(Pireway) 09/16/1912
  40. Harrelson, Oliver M. (W)(29, Conway) to Blanch Dusenbury (W)(17, Conway) 10/19/1902
  41. Hayes, Jesse Roy (W)(30, Wilmington) to Evelyn Maude Benton (W)(20, Wilmington) 03/15/1925
  42. Hemingway, Clarence G. (N)(21, Loris) to Hattie Jackson (N)(21, Loris) 02/06/1911
  43. Housand, Adison L. (W)(22, Loris) to Amanda Louise Edwards (W)(18, Loris) 05/01/1889
  44. Johnson, Hamp (W)(20, Conway) to Mollie F. Todd (W)(14, Conway) 04/01/1900
  45. Jordan, Wes (N)(70, Wampee) to Lottie Galloway (N)(68, Wampee) 09/20/1919
  46. Lee, Wylie W. (W)(Horry County) to Nettie Suggs (W)(Horry County) 01/15/1908
  47. Lewis, Nathan H. (W)(21, Aynor) to Essie Capps (W)(16, Aynor 11/--/1907
  48. Lewis, William Purdue (W)(Tabor City) to Delphie Jane Arnette (W)(Tabor City) 08/10/1902
  49. Long, J. Ransom (W)(19, Bug Hill) to Lettie Long (W)(14, Bug Hill) 10/30/1904
  50. Long, Samuel C. (W)(27, Horry County) to Lillia Parker (W)(27, Horry County) 12/27/1905
  51. Maynard, William Jesse (W)(Whiteville) to Delphie Lennon (W)(Whiteville) 06/23/1907
  52. McLamb, William H. (W)(25,Shallotte) to Mary Ella Hardwick (W)(36, NC) 08/25/1909
  53. Mincey, W.E. (W)(25, Horry County) to Marian Claudie Phillips (W)(15, Horry County) 08/16/1908
  54. Mishoe, William C. to Nancy B. Mishoe (Dillon) 03/26/1911
  55. Norris, Willie (W)(Lumberton) to Emma Golda Faircloth (W)(Lumberton) 02/08/1908
  56. Oliver, George T. (W)(23, Conway) to Mary Ida Dunn (W)(19, Conway) 06/28/1900
  57. Proctor, Rufus Cleveland (W)(22, Horry Cnty) to Julia Effie Jordan (W)(22, Horry Cnty) 01/06/1909
  58. Purdy, Archie (N)(30, Conway) to Mary Ruth Ballard (N)(20, Conway) 08/29/1909
  59. Reaves, John Mayo (W)(36, Bug Hill) to Mary Viola Stevens (W)(18, Bug Hill) 05/31/1925
  60. Reaves, Waters A. (N)(21, Nichols) to Hattie Johnson (N)(24, Bayboro) 07/25/1910
  61. Rhodes, Hubert Leroy (W)(31, Comfort, NC) to Hazel Dell Howard (W)(22, Deep Run, NC) 05/19/1939
  62. Riggins, Mr & Mrs. Otto (N) (Longs) 01/12/1908
  63. Roberts, H. H. (W)(21, Galivants Ferry) to Sallie G. Stroud (W)(20, Galivants Ferry) 09/05/1909
  64. Rogers, Branford (W)(Dillon) to Fronie Herring (W)(Dillon) 11/04/1924
  65. Sarvis, John T. (W)(23, Loris) to Sallie Bryant (W)(20, Loris) 10/28/1906
  66. Seely, W. E. & June ( Established by Court Order) 06/08/1946
  67. Sessions, George T. (W)(Adrian) to Glenn Anderson (W)(Adrian) 09/26/1909
  68. Skipper, Robert James (W)(Loris) to Addie Hardee (W)(Loris) 08/27/1908
  69. Small, Henry (N)(28, Burgess) to Suzanne Small (N)(21, Burgess) 04/25/1925
  70. Spivey, George (W)(New Hanover) to Sallie Brown (W)(New Hanover) 02/06/1908
  71. Stephens, Fred (W)(18, Cerro Gordo) to Lizzie Britt (W)(17, Cerro Gordo) 12/18/1910
  72. Stephens, William Harley (W)(22, Allsbrook) to Mary Todd (W)(15, Hammond) 10/25/1908
  73. Suggs, James F. (W)(24, Chadburn) to Annie J. Johnson (W)(21, Chadburn) 05/03/1906
  74. Taylor, W. F. (W)(21, Lumberton) to Corena West (W)(15, Lumberton) 03/31/1911
  75. Thompson, Edward Divine (W)(21, Bladenboro) to Smithie Jane Babson (W)(18, Bladenboro) 04/11/1911
  76. Todd, George Lawrence (W)(23, Conway) to Lizzie Alma Anderson(W)(17, Conway) 05/11/1906
  77. Tompkins, Clarence Ernest (W)(22, Conway) to Ida Bell Mew (W)(16, Conway) 01/02/1910
  78. Tyler, Joseph (W)(Fayetteville) to Lucinda Baker (W)(15, Fayetteville) 04/08/1903
  79. Vick, Oscar N. (W)(21, Murrells Inlet) to Gertrude Clardy (W)(19, Socastee) 03/29/1911
  80. Ward, Asa (W)(Mollie, NC) to Miriam Bertha McLam (W)(Bug Hill) 04/25/1898
  81. Watts, Cleveland H. (W)(24, Tabor City) to Lillie C. Stephens (W)(26, Tabor City) 02/21/1909
  82. Watts, Quince F. (W)(22, Tabor City) to Fannie M. Shelley (W)(14, Nichols) 09/10/1906
  83. Wilson, John (N)(21, Little River) to Pencie Bellamy (N)(18, Little River) 03/09/1919
  84. Woodell, W. D. (W)(Whiteville) to Cora Bell Prince (W)(Whiteville) 09/07/1910
  85. Wright, John B. (W)(NC) to Elizabeth Williamson (W)(NC) 08/--/1910


  1. Anderson, Glenn/George T. Sessions
  2. Anderson, Lizzie Alma/George Lawrence Todd
  3. Arnette, Delphie Jane/William Purdue Lewis
  4. Babson, Smithie Jane/Edward Divine Thompson
  5. Baker, Lucinda/Joseph Tyler
  6. Ballard, Mary Ruth/Archie Purdy
  7. Bellamy, Pencie/John Wilson
  8. Benton, Evelyn Maude/Jesse Roy Hayes
  9. Blackwell, Nancy Catherine/N. M. Green
  10. Britt, Lizzie/Fred Stephens
  11. Brown, Sallie/George Spivey
  12. Bryant, Sallie/John T. Sarvis
  13. Buffkin, Frances E./Gaston M. Barnhill
  14. Bullock, Bell/Joe Daniel
  15. Capps, Dannie/Joe Alford
  16. Capps, Essie/Nathan H. Lewis
  17. Carmichael, Emma/James Eaddy
  18. Clardy, Gertrude/Oscar N. Vick
  19. Clover, Hopie Elizabeth B./William Henry Clover
  20. Davis, Ella Bell/Lex Campbell
  21. Dunn, Mary Ida/George T. Oliver
  22. Dusenbury, Blanch/Oliver M. Harrelson
  23. Edwards, Amanda Louise/Adison L. Housand
  24. Ellis, Mary Bertha Arwood/William Lawrence Gatling
  25. Faircloth, Emma Golda/Willie Norris
  26. Faulk, Stella/G. Levi Gerald
  27. Floyd, Charity/George Wood Faulk
  28. Floyd, Nettie/Troy Green
  29. Galloway, Lottie/Wes Jordan
  30. Garrell, Fannie/John G. Duncan
  31. Gause, Elizabeth/Tillman Frank Frinks
  32. Gore, Catherine/G. D. Anderson
  33. Graham, Laura/Luke Bradley
  34. Grainger, Frances Elizabeth/Henry Boyd Cribb
  35. Hammond, Lula/J. H. Connor
  36. Hardee, Addie/Robert James Skipper
  37. Hardwick, Mary Ella/William H. McLamb
  38. Herring, Fronie/Branford Rogers
  39. Hodge, Maggie/Jiley D. Fowler
  40. Howard, Hazel Dell/Hubert Leroy Rhodes
  41. Jackson, Hattie/Clarence G. Hemingway
  42. Johnson, Annie J./James F. Suggs
  43. Johnson, Hattie/Waters Austin Reaves
  44. Jones, Mary Nevada/Grover C. Anderson
  45. Jordan, Julia Effie/Rufus Cleveland Proctor
  46. Lee, Martha/Melonie Beverly
  47. Lennon, Delphie/William Jesse Maynard
  48. Long, Lettie/J. Ransom Long
  49. Martin, Rachel Edith/Tillman Jones Dailey
  50. McCray, Mary/James Rollin Bellamy
  51. McDowell, Trizzie/James David Bratcher
  52. McLam, Miriam Bertha/Asa Ward
  53. McLelland, Mary/Homer Gause Avant
  54. Mew, Ida Bell/Clarence Ernest Tompkins
  55. Mishoe, Nancy B./William C. Mishoe
  56. Norris, Eppie/Sylvester Fowler
  57. Oliver, Flora/Richard Dickerson
  58. Owens, Izzie/William Benford
  59. Parker Lillia/Samuel C. Long
  60. Perkins, Josephine/Marvin Hardee
  61. Phillips, Marian Claudie/W. E. Mincey
  62. Prince, Cora Bell/W.D. Woodell
  63. Riggins/ Mr. & Mrs. Otto
  64. Rowell, Sallie M./Claudius M. Blanton
  65. Seely, June/W.E. Seely
  66. Shelley, Fannie M./Quince F. Watts
  67. Singleton, Idell/Jonah E. Collins
  68. Small, Suzanne/Henry Small
  69. Smith, Gaddy Doson/Luther Thomas Dutton
  70. Smith, Vanner/Daniel J. Bowen
  71. Stephens, Lillie C./Cleveland H. Watts
  72. Stephens, Minnie Lee/Joseph Aaron Brown
  73. Stevens, Mary Viola/John Mayo Reaves
  74. Strickland, Donie/Jonathan Blanton
  75. Stroud, Sallie G./H. H. Roberts
  76. Suggs, Nettie/Wylie W. Lee
  77. Thompson, Mary Elizabeth/Herbert Edgar Blanton
  78. Todd, Lillie Mae/John W. Hardee
  79. Todd, Mary/William Harley Stephens
  80. Todd, Minnie/Luther I. Graham
  81. Todd, Mollie F./Hamp Johnson
  82. West, Corena/W. F. Taylor
  83. Willard, Laura Elizabeth/Oliver Milton Frazier
  84. Williamson, Elizabeth/John B. Wright

Contributed by Glenda Moore.

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